Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Secret Santa

I know I owe you a post about my olympics experience, I am working on it..! 

In the meantime, I've decided to take part in a blogger Secret Santa game. 

I've chosen a few different small gifts for this blogger, and I think every one will bring you closer to his/her identity. 

Let me start my present giving with the gift of knowledge; using my previous experience with water simulations, I want to introduce you dear blogger to the concept of wetting!  Wetting in general terms, is the way the water droplets behave according to the relationship they have with the material they are resting on. Water is 'happy' to stay longer on water absorbent surfaces, but it will run off quicker from water repellent surfaces.

I wont try to explain the science of bonds, there are better scientists-bloggers out there to explain it all; you can click here for more information. I am not sure if prasinada has explained this in one of her previous science for all posts as well.

Now I have not done an excessive search, but I think these will be prove to be the most helpful apps for you my dear blogger in your new career. Hopefully they will get you off the ground with sketching, and you wont need to get your hands dirty with pencils and sketching boards!

My next gift is 2 for 1. I have specifically chosen this map for you, which shows the real location of all underground stations, and not their 'printed' location. This will help you when walking around london, as you will be able to judge whether stations are actually in walking distance or not. Combined together with this treasure huntthey will help you find your lost love for London. I've been on this treasure hunt myself, and I have to tell you that it's worth the £15. I've seen/noticed things in London I didn't even know existed! 

My last, but not least present to you dear, is this:

Hopefully you can explain it's use to the rest of my readers. It took me some time to find a vintage version; this one was actually sold about a year ago, otherwise I would have bought it!

I hope you have a lovely time in Cyprus, 
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and your loved ones :)

The Physicist

PS.  in=2.54