Friday, 13 January 2012

This is London Calling

Ναι ναι, ξέρω το ότι έχουμε ακόμα καιρό για την Γιουροβίζιον, αλλά εγώ σαν κλασσική Κυπραία που σέβετε τον εαυτό της εθθυμήθηκα την τωρά!

Ένιγουεϊ! Έμεινα σπίτι σήμερα γιατί είμαι λίο γριππωμένη εβαρκούμουν να πάω γραφείο  και αφού είναι επιτέλους μια ηλιόλουστη μέρα στο Λονδίνο, είπα σας βάλω λλίες φωτογραφίες να απολαύσετε την θέα! not the perfect quality, γιατί εβαρκούμουν να έβρω την Canon, αλλά μια χαρά εν η κάμερα του 4s!

Πολλά πολλά φιλιά,

The Physicist

Monday, 9 January 2012

Secret Santa - Revisited

A fellow blogger organised a secret santa game between some of the cypriot and greek bloggers. It was an excellent idea, congrats prasinada!

Being so unorganised, I forgot to send an email, and therefore didn't take part in the game, but I read most of their present-posts anyway! I have to admit I felt a bit lonely reading all their posts and presents they thought/created/made for each other.

But as Invictus says, "Worry not myfriend"
Santa thought about me as well. Even if my mum didn't find the laptop bag I wanted, and my boyfriend was broke, santa still gave me a present :)

and it arrived right one time (English Santa you see)

I have finally received my acceptance email for the Olympic Games :D

I am officially a games maker for London 2012!

That's all for now..
I ll try to be back soon with some more news and goals for the new year! (one of which is to write here more often ;) )

The Physicist