Thursday, 20 January 2011

Science Museum

Since the science museum started following my tweets on twitter (you can follow me here) I will take this opportunity to talk about my experiences there.

'Science museum' sounds like a very geeky place to visit. Even though I was studying for my degree at that time, I still thought it was very geeky to visit. Situations brought it, and I was in the area visiting friends at Imperial so we decided visiting, it was free, there were no queues outside, so we thought: 'Why not?'

As soon as you enter the museum, trust me, your breath is taken away. I am not sure if its the height of the interior of the building, or the size of the first exhibits that take your breath away, but something surely does.

Walking through the museum, you will definitely find stuff that you were not aware of, interesting facts and statistics pop up in every corner, ready to amaze you. That museum contains information on everything from the first computer to the latest statistics in genetics.

No matter how long you are willing to spend in it, you will never to manage to see all of the exhibits in one day. Of course if you have children with you, teenagers as well, they will soon find the dedicated game area for their interests and you never know, you might actually enjoy playing with them! I sure did! The breadth of games and activities ranges from general knowledge -trivial-pursuit-type of games to bridge building.

I ve only been in the UK for 5 years now, I ve visited the science museum 5 times already, and I am more than willing to go back for more. I grab every opportunity to take friends that visit the UK as tourists and spend a few hours there with them! I once took a teacher-friend-of-a-friend to the museum, he wanted to see how such a museum can be interesting for the young children of his class. He said that something like this is definitely missing from the area that he is teaching in, his students would enjoy themselves if they had the opportunity to visit.

The science museum provides you scientific knowledge, but it does it in such an intriguing way that every time I find myself writing notes on my phone, so that I can google things when I get home.

I just wanted to share a thumbs up and a big thank you to the team that conceived and created such an amazing museum!!

The Physicist

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