Monday, 9 January 2012

Secret Santa - Revisited

A fellow blogger organised a secret santa game between some of the cypriot and greek bloggers. It was an excellent idea, congrats prasinada!

Being so unorganised, I forgot to send an email, and therefore didn't take part in the game, but I read most of their present-posts anyway! I have to admit I felt a bit lonely reading all their posts and presents they thought/created/made for each other.

But as Invictus says, "Worry not myfriend"
Santa thought about me as well. Even if my mum didn't find the laptop bag I wanted, and my boyfriend was broke, santa still gave me a present :)

and it arrived right one time (English Santa you see)

I have finally received my acceptance email for the Olympic Games :D

I am officially a games maker for London 2012!

That's all for now..
I ll try to be back soon with some more news and goals for the new year! (one of which is to write here more often ;) )

The Physicist


  1. Great news!!! Congrats!!! Hope you have an awesome time!! :)))

    I am very glad you enjoyed the Secret Santa! I thought it was really sweet and fun myself! Next year you need to participate for sure!!!!!

  2. I am definitely looking forward to it! :))
    Yes of course I will!!