Tuesday, 19 April 2011

My new Macbook Pro has arrived!

oh finally!!
I can now start working a bit more seriously! At least I have all the hardware needed :)

I am so excited, and stressed at the same time..!
It's good that the mac is here, but it stresses me out..
My next deadline is a month away, and I have done most of the work for it, but that's not my problem.

I have two deadlines in june, I have probably mentioned them in the past, but they are stressing me out because I need to write a 10k article for the one, and another 10k for the other one, describing the company I work for, and most importantly describing what I have done for my personal development! The personal development bit is OK, its a bit long, but I will be fine. I have attended so many courses in the past 3 months, they should be enough for the next two years :p
The cultural study for my company will be a bit tricky as not a lot will be allowed out of the company...

The difficult bit is the article. It is supposed to be a short project, about 150contact hours. It doesn't have to be directly related to my research, but it needs to be a stand alone project, and hopefully produce an academic paper by writing it up. In my head this short project is quite important, because I would like to be able to publish it, and as the perfectionist I am being lately, it needs to be quite good. Therefore not having a project title yet drives me crazy!

I really don't want to end this post on a stressed note..

So I will continue talking about the two training courses I have attended this week and what I have learned!

I have learned how to sit in an 'alexander technique' position so that I don't need to lean anywhere.
I learned how to breathe when I am stressed; to make myself breathe and relax every time I get panicky.
I also learned that good presentations are usually interactive, and that its not really what it's on the board that matters, nor what you say, but its the way you say it, and your body language.
I learned the 6 characteristics of a good news story.
And I found out that my mouth looks very weird when I talk.
I was also told that I do come across as confident and knowledgable when I want to.
That point was made in both of the courses, therefore I will repeat it.
People's impression of you, is the one you give to them. If you want to come across as confident, keep it in mind, be confident, act 'confident', talk 'confident' and they will definitely think that you are confident!

So whether you like it or not,
Now you have the impression that I am stressed, yet confident that I will succeed...

Is it true though?


The Physicist

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