Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Its been 6 months since I started..!

I have completed 1/8th of my EngD!

It all feels very rewarding to tell you the truth. There were of course the inevitable low points, were I felt that I did not know enough, or that I was not doing enough work, but making a presentation for your 6-month review does make you realize how much you have achieved already.. Especially if your supervisors agree on that point!

So a lot has been going on in the past 2-3 weeks. I was preparing for my 6 month meeting with all 4 of my supervisors, while some restructuring happened in my company. My main industrial supervisor temporarily moved on to a more challenging role, therefore I had to restructure my presentation to update the person who is taking over, overnight. During that meeting we agreed that I did have something for my first attempt to get public, but the deadline for the conference we chose was 2 days after, so it did take a bit of running about and a lot of word documents being exchanged. But that was submitted in the end. Fingers Crossed now.

At the same time I have been preparing some information for a poster presentation I have to attend. My company wants the poster to feel 'theirs' and not be just like any PhD poster so I am working with a company designer this week. I will post my first digital version here later in the week.

I have also been working on an internal project, which is part of my 'integration with the team'. A project that should be taking a day a week of my time, but usually takes more! It is a the training material for our energy champions in store. For things to look out for, and things to check regularly, so it needs to be interesting but not very technical, which is the challenging bit for me. It looks like I am a bit too technical when it comes to the company, I come across as a geek usually, and hopefully as a clever person that they can't understand :p
That's where The Physicist inside me comes out when not needed! Imagine if I did not work amongst engineers how they would feel.. I am terrified of the thought!

Going back to what I have been working on..

As I need to be writing a report on my personal development, I have been hitting the training courses like mad, believing that I need to complete 30 days of training every year.. I need to complete 30 over the 4 years! #WhatAJoy! Since I have booked them, I might as well attend them, right?
So I am doing some core skills training tomorrow, advanced presentation skills (where they will actually film us and judge our presentation skills) on Wednesday, and then I have some Media training coming up on Friday!!

It shall be an interesting week this one!

As I have been enjoying the sun here in the UK, I will leave with one of my weekend pictures.

Enjoy the sun sensibly!
Try not to get too sunburned, especially without applying a suncream as it might hurt :)

The Physicist

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