Sunday, 12 June 2011

Aiming for 10.000

That's 10 000 words, unfortunately and not pounds (or Euros/Dollars).

I have devoted this weekend to finishing my personal development report, I started working on this report back in April, writing 1-2 thousand words, but I need to complete it now, as the deadline is on Friday.

The official deadline is on Friday, but I need to complete it by Tuesday at least! I was originally aiming to finish this today but it doesn't look like it. It's a stupid report, but it is worth 15 credits out of the 45 I am taking this year, therefore I need to complete it!

The good thing about it, is that it involves writing about all the courses I have taken part-in in the past 6 months, and the self-study I have done in order to become who I am today. It has been a good experience, I have to admit, attending various courses such as the presentation course back in April that got me so stressed and gave me a cold sore!

Writing a report about all these courses is not a happy experience, even though it does act as a reminder for the courses!

Ohhh ok ok, I like writing the report, but it is so f****ing long that it makes itself an-enjoyable!
One of my biggest problems is that when I came up with my development plan, I didn't really take into consideration the various courses I should be attending. So I ended up attending two courses that were for the same skill, and not attending any courses for some other skills.

But. But. It will be a good report. I am halfway through it, yes, but I have created a strong structure, which helps me write more fluently. I have also used a cool colour scheme and set up the different headings, therefore I wont have to do much work after I finish writing (and proof reading).

I just hope my manager and supervisors wont want to read it, as some of it is very.. vague and.. well.. very obvious!?

A year or two ago, I would never even dream to be able to write 10000 in 4-5 days.. now it just seems 'natural'. Has the blog really improved my writing skills? I know I don't write very often, but I believe that it has helped me!

I am just sorry that what I write is pretty boring usually! I still haven't gotten used to this blogging/writing thing..

I hope those of you in Cyprus enjoy your day off today (it's already Monday in Cyprus)
For the ones in the UK, it's back to the office tomorrow (and it's probably raining as well)!

The Physicist


  1. Getting your structure sorted is definitely the right way to go about it. Keep the faith :)

    "I just hope my manager and supervisors wont want to read it, as some of it is very.. vague and.. well.. very obvious!?"

    I think that sums up science quite nicely really :P

  2. :) thank you for all your encouraging words!
    I ve had a bad day today, not done any work, and I will probably need to pull an all-nighter to write the last 1000 words on company culture (?)!