Tuesday, 22 March 2011

I am going through a trough..

Lets put that Physics knowledge into action! (or maybe wikipedia?)

I am going through a low point in my research... I know it happens a lot and that's why I am not worried, but i need to overcome this situation as soon as possible.
Its been two weeks now that I don't feel that I have done anything important... All of the other EngDs at my uni seem to be very busy, they don't have time for lunch, but I am just not very motivated.
Don't get me wrong, I love what I do, but sometimes I let a lot of the surrounding factors affect me so much, I feel the weight of what I need to do, and the deadlines approaching and then I start procrastinating again.

This started again recently when one of my deadlines was changed to an earlier date, 3 weeks earlier from the original deadline. This of course increased the amount of work I needed to do, it was also right after I had completed a GANNT chart, in an effort to stop myself from procrastinating.
The result? Of course procrastination kicked in, and I can't do any work.

I read on #phdchat a few days ago, that people who successfully pass their viva are the people who successfully overcome procrastination... Well I believe that... procrastination is the main thing that stops me from working. OK OK i might have some form of depression as well, but I think the two are interlinked.

I wont try to be a psychologist to myself, I am mainly writting this post to explain to myself what I am going though, and that the work is not so much. Of course I can handle it.. I just need to relax, take it easy, and do some work.

I want to help a friend with his statistical analysis by the end of the week,
I have to prepare a poster for the 2nd of May,
A report on my PDP and a cultural study of my company (amounting to 10.000 words) for the 15th of June.
And complete a short project and write an academic paper for the 30th of June...
I have started the first one and planned the last two, but that's all I have done up to now.

I can do the writing, that's not the problem (for now) its the fact that I need to do a lot of work before actually writing up that paper, and I dont seem to find the time to do it..


The procrastinating Physicist

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