Tuesday, 6 December 2011

I'm so excited!

I'm so excited about tonight! I'm going to an informal dinner with very important people in my industry!!

I've not had a great start to my day, I paid almost twice what I usually pay to get to work before 8, and I didnt even make it! Then due to a misunderstanding I was left with no means of transport to get to a meeting I had at 10am! So I was left in the office with all the cakes from the cake sale! Ok that wasn't bad ;) but then on my way back to London, I forgot to touch in my oyster card so I was charged another £6.50!!

I'm currently waiting for the group of people I'm supposed to be meeting at 7.30! Oh I hope they are a chattable bunch, otherwise I will feel awfully shy amongst them!

I ve taken a picture of the ridiculous place they asked me to sit, but mobile blogger wont let me upload it, I'll do so later on :)

The physicist

***Ok I need to update you on this post.. It's 7.24pm, I've been here for the past 30minutes, and you know what?? The reservation is for 8pm!! another half hour waiting time!
Πάλι είναι ανάδρομος ο Ερμής;;***

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