Monday, 19 December 2011

It's not Christmas yet

and I am feeling a bit empty...

I am unsure about some parts of my project.. the AIM..
and my 4 (yes FOUR) supervisors all want different things from me and my project,
and my confidence levels are decreasing, FAST...

On the one hand, I want this year to finish so I can start the new one..
one the other hand, I dont! I want this year to last longer so that the end of my research is not that close (ok I do have 2.5 more years but that's not enough...). I feel lost..

I know I am going through a cycle, I have read all those books that say that PhDs are emotional cycles, and that year 1 and a half is the lowest point, where you start feeling that you haven't achieved anything in the first year and the end is so close.. and that's EXACTLY how I fell..

I suppose I need someone to reassure me that I am on the right track, and that I will achieve something before the end of these 4 years.. but right now it just feels like the company is moving too fast compared to me, and that I will never be able to catch up, and actually move faster than them so as to 'create' something unique, and 'offer something to knowledge' so that I pass my degree.

Oh and I am sorry, this was not meant to be such a dreadful post..

The disappointed Physicist


  1. Hi, I am engineer and I have got a PhD in part times basic after working very hard for 6 years.

    Trust me, 1 year is still too short to say "disappointed".

    1. Hello Dr Engr, I m working hard to stay positive these days :)
      Thank you for passing by!