Saturday, 25 December 2010

Merry Christmas everyone :)

Christmas day is already here!! Happy Christmas!!
I am still in the UK, spending Christmas day with friends, but will be in Cyprus soon!

I just logged in before my meal, to post some tips for Christmas holidays, even though it might be too late!

So over the holiday period, if you are leaving your home, remember to switch off all lighting, TV sets, printers, chargers, and everything else that doesnt need to be on (do no switch off your freezer or fridge).

Do you need the hot water to be on? What about central heating? No one is there, so why heat the house?

If you are not at home, you dont need to have any fairy lights on do you?

You can follow the same principles for your work environment as well; leave on things that are vital, things that need to be on, and switch off everything else.

That is the principle the retailer i work for tries to follow as well.

Companies and families can save hundreds and thousands of pounds of gas and electricity bills if they just switch off things when not in use.

I know the snow is still present in most parts of the UK (its absent in Cyprus), so keep yourself safe today, remember your limits when drinking, dont drive if you have been drinking!  and for all my Cypriot friends, remember your limits when eating!! You know what I mean!

Have fun and keep safe

The Physicist

P.S. I will be back with Christmas pictures :)

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