Monday, 13 December 2010

PhDs are hard work!

And I am actually working for something even more complicated, an EngD!

I have started on this course two months and 13 days ago, I knew I was accepted two months and 16 days ago, I have had 3 deadlines already, and have another one this week, and a mere 8000 word literature review to complete by the 21st of January. Aham! Who said that doing a PhD was easy?
You are probably forgetting that within my degree I have to work 9-5 in an office. I work in a retailer's energy group!
This week, I say this week and its only Monday, i've done that much work already. We are working on making sure the energy budgets for the stores for next year are correct. And that's not an easy task considering the number of stores the retailer I work for has.
I ve been working through various excel sheets today, checking how much the old stores are consuming, how much we predict they will consume next year, and how much the new stores will consume next year!
I mean, how can you predict how much a new store will consume next year? HOW?
Any ideas guys?
That is one of my tasks as a research engineer..!

I will leave it up to you to tell me when I have finally turned into an engineer..

Because I am still

The Phycisist

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