Wednesday, 8 December 2010

why do we write blogs?

A friend of mine is doing some research on bloggers, im not sure i can call myself a blogger, but here you go. Her hypothesis is that people use blogs as a mean of expression, of having their voice heard, mainly because they cant publish anywhere else.

I dont think that this is always the case. I do not want to publish my thoughts anywhere else..
I would just like people to know what I am doing, be aware of my research, help me and help them.

Am I looking for publicity? I might have had, if I had done something that deserved to be published :p
I dont even know why people would read my posts!

I suppose I have to find something more interesting to write about, or a more interesting way to write what I want to write for that matter!

That's why I am a Physicist  and not a writer though..

Till next time

The Physicist

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