Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Yes it is Tuesday

What is Tuesday? Of course its my Lboro day :\

At the end of EVERY Tuesday I say that I have wasted another £60 to get up there, but I still buy my ticket the following week, and every time I regret it!
I suppose im too optimistic for that module!

Well if you are computer savvy, if you have not done any statistics before in your life, and you have never seen excel, then MAYBE you wouldn't find today as boring as I did.. :S
At least I did get the chance to go to the library and get a few more books out. Call me a GEEK, but you know I am a Physicist and LOVE my FORTRAN :p

Statistics in FORTRAN, is there anything better?

Maybe running FORTRAN on a MAC is even BETTER ;)

Till tomorrow

The Physicist

Oh wait! I do have a picture for you!
Is this the cleaner campus you have seen or WHAT?

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