Monday, 29 November 2010

Bad day?

I am feeling very lonely today.. This usually happens when I have a lot of important things to do!
I dont know if this is the case with the rest of the world, but when I am stressed over something, I keep doing things I dont need to, just to avoid doing what I have to do..
Right now I am supposed to be asleep, of course I am not, and instead of working on my presentation for Tuesday, I am reading other blogs, tweeting, and even looking at pictures on FB.
That is not me...
When I dont have anything to do, I just read books, or blogs, or something useful anyway.. I am not the fb type, unless I am very busy :S It is very frustrating and embarrassing,  but I cant help it...
And its a shame, because tomorrow I will be unprepared, even though the .ppt part of the presentation was finished and checked by my manager on Thursday, but I still havent been able to rehearse what I will be saying once.
I am not stupid, and I am not careless, I just stress over things that are not very simple, things I have solutions for, but for some reason, my mind tends to ignore, and leaves me without any inspiration.

Its simple, I just have to sit down (ok maybe stand up) and do it... Rehearse it, Ive made the slides, how difficult can it be to pitch a bunch of other students, on the company you work for, and the work you plan to do in the next 4 years?

How difficult can it be??

The stressed Physicist

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