Sunday, 29 May 2011

Lactose Part 2

I tried..
I promise I did try!
For 4 whole days I had no lactose and I was fine! :D
During the 5th day, I had a piece of (milk) chocolate, I was fine then as well!

The problem though was today (day 7).
I had the impression that greek yoghurt was ok for lactose intolerant people. I actually thought that it helped my stomach.
well.. it doesn't help!

I had pasta; plain pasta, cooked in water with some salt and pepper, and rather than topping it with (halloumi) cheese as I usually do, I decided to stick to the lactose free diet and try yoghurt. as i said, having the impression that it would be fine..
It wasn't fine at all..! It still isn't actually! That's why I am writing this post!

Be careful with yoghurt if you suspect lactose intolerance..

It looks like I have it for real..
I was fine for a whole weak, and now I ve got all the symptoms again..
I did not even manage to finish the portion in my plate, I am so bloated..

Anyway..! I just wanted to update you (and me) on the symptoms, with the hope that I will remember it next time I feel tempted by yoghurt!

The Physicist


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