Thursday, 12 May 2011


or What's up Doc?

I was not able to attend 'What's up Doc?' live, but I was able to follow it on Twitter. Have I told you how much I like twitter lately?

For people who don't know what Vitae is, please visit their website.

Let me continue from my previous post...
So my abstract has been accepted, and I have been invited to produce a draft poster and paper for the beginning of June. My paper will probably be called: 'Energy Consumption Prediction Models for the Retail Sector' and I am now thinking of how to structure it. 

Some part of it will come from my literature review, where I introduced the subject of my research, and commented on the work of key authors in my field. So I have spend the whole day yesterday reading my literature review, editing were needed and changing the reference style. CIBSE would like us to use the Vancouver style which is a numerical type of referencing, closer to what I was used to while an undergraduate, compared to the style that the department of Civil and Building Engineering at Loughborough is using. I still find it difficult to remove text that I have written, but I will have to, as my literature review is mainly made up of authors outside my field, whose mathematical and computer ideas I would like to use for my work. 
The other part needs to be work that I have undertaken, and a discussion of the various techniques, models and benchmarking methods currently available. 

As you can imagine this has scr*wed up my gannt chart, and my schedule in general. BUT i would rather get a low mark at a coursework (which wont really matter for my final degree) and write a good article

Any ideas/suggestions/tools for writing a conference paper/poster are welcome! 

The Physicist 

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