Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Remember that CIBSE abstract I wrote in two days?

I definitely do! 
and it did make an impression as we got accepted to present our paper as a poster during the CIBSE National Symposium in September! after it gets through the peer review of course!

I am so excited and stressed at the same time... It's a very weird feeling!

I am about to get published, therefore the excitement, but I need to produce a perfect paper in order to do so, therefore the stress.

Following my company's training courses, and the 'emotional cycle of change' I know I am at the partly informed- Pessimistic stage, feeling that I do not have enough time to do everything.

BUT I am determined to write a very good paper, even if that means that I do not finish my assignments for June.

I need this, I need to prove to myself that I am worth being here, that it's not because of the lack of candidates, or because of luck that I am into this position...

I know it's a short post, but I just wanted to share my excitement..!

Please do keep your fingers crossed for my paper :)

The excited Physicist

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