Friday, 27 May 2011


I have been having problems with my stomach for a while now (ok ok I wont describe the symptoms) but it started getting worse during the last 1-2 months.

I've decided to go to a gastroenterologist last week and after I mentioned that my stomach doesn't like milk, and I have been avoiding it for the past 5-6 years, but still have problems eating other types of food, he pointed that out that I am probably lactose intolerant. He concluded that after I could not point out which types of food cause me trouble, other than cheese and cabbage. He said that I probably did not realize my intolerance as lactose is hidden almost everywhere.
I did get a blood test, but it didn't show anything as I hadn't consumed any lactose products that day/day before.

What I have decided to do, is to stay away from lactose for two weeks following this adult elimination diet from 'Lactofree'. If my symptoms do stop during these two weeks, then the doctor is proven right, and I will move on to the second stage, of adding lactose slowly into my daily food intake, until i find my limit. (I might still be able to eat 'normal' milk chocolate! yeiii!)
If my symptoms don't go away, then we will proceed to more tests with my gastroenterologist!

It does sound like a plan doesn't it?

This is day 5 of my lactose free diet and I am already craving chocolate! But I have managed to stay away from it! I did have to eat fruit for lunch the other day, as they only had cheese sandwiches and no-one knew what was in there, but I am holding on!
I have had no symptoms up to now, some bloating came after I ate at an australian restaurant, but probably due to that stress of that day, and the meat that was unfamiliar to my stomach! (kangaroo)!

If you have any intolerances-allergies do share your experience on how you are coping with them!

The Physicist

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